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Unofficial Operation - Banished Night


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Intel recovered from the “Malina” raid confirms they are collaborating with the DNR paramilitaries. We’ve pinpointed the location of a DNR HQ situated within an abandoned farmstead. ISR of the farm show what appears to be several crates being offloaded at that location. We’ve also intercepted signals from the farm which indicates the presence of electronic warfare data. Alpha Team is tasked with securing the farm and any valuable intel, as well as destroying any munitions onsite. We also want to destroy their power generator in order to prevent future use of that location.

Assault team from A Squadron, 1st SFOD-D.

Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) — Separatist militia in conflict with the Ukrainian government. ISR shows upwards of 30 hostiles entering and leaving the farmlands at any one time.


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