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  • The 160th Special Operations Regiment
  • Welcome to the 160th New Webpage! Please bear with us as we transition and set everything up, in the meantime feel free to join our teamspeak at: ts.160th.net  Thank you for your patience 

    Lt Col. Midnight  (Head of Aviation)
  • The 160th SOR is an ARMA 3 apex community in the Oceania region.

    As a group we focus on achieving co-operative military simulation, with the use of 3rd party mods. We run Combined Operation nights each Wednesday and Sunday at 18:30 AEDT . People looking for a ARMA 3 Apex experience undergo relevant training courses and in turn contribute to the atmosphere of authenticity as they progress through the ranks. Since foundation in mid-2013 the 160th's evolving play-style has adopted elements of US Army from a variety of official resources and other ARMA communities. 

    The 160th SOR is one of Oceania’s longest running, Arma 3 MilSim unit that prides itself on our sense of community and dedication to the game and each other. We have 3 main regiments that recruits can join they are; 28th Infantry Regiment, 69th Armored Regiment and finally the 10th Aviation regiment. Each regiment has a team of dedicated leaders and trainers to help ensure that everyone gets the best experience and advice as possible.

    Want to share in our experience? Join our Teamspeak at: ts.160th.net and speak to a recruiter today! Otherwise you can email a recruiter at PR.160thSOR@Gmail.com

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